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           The best thing since generics.

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  1. Enter your first prescription medication above.
  2. Click the “Find Savings” button.
  3. Add any other medications you are taking on this page.
  4. When you are done entering all your medications click “Find Savings”.
  5. If a lower cost option is available for you, you will be presented with a screen that shows “Your Savings”. If not you will be provided an opportunity to sign up and be informed of future changes. And, since we didn’t find savings for you, no sign up is necessary.
  6. If savings is found, click on the button to sign up. Enter your promo code in the first field of the registration page. Be sure to click the “Apply”. The credit card field will disappear and you will see a green bar that indicates you are entitled to a free service. From here, just complete the form.


Welcome Bexar County residents! We are proud to provide you with free access to EquivaMeds, our patent-pending tool that can help you save even more money on expensive brand name drugs.

Simply start entering your first drug in the “Research Your Medication Options” box to the left and click the button. Next you will have the opportunity to enter any more prescription drugs you may be taking. When you are done entering your prescription information click on the “find savings” button. Our databases will search for options that will save you money.

If it finds options for you EquivaMeds will invite you to register for free. Just click the button that mentions “Bexar County” and enter your contact information in the fields provided. This information will be added to the report we provide you so that your doctor will be able to identify you properly. Please note you must click the button and register to receive your final report.

Our patent-pending drug identification system was developed by a physician and a respected healthcare technology firm. It is the only one of its kind on the Web. (More Details) 

Patients suffering from acid reflux, allergies, angina, anxiety, arthritis, depression, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or stroke typically find the greatest opportunities to save.

We protect your information using the latest online security technology and maintain patient privacy as defined by HIPAA regulations. (More Details)

We call EquivaMeds “The Best thing Since Generics” because, like generics, our suggestions can save money for millions of people without reducing the quality of their care. Try it free today.

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