Reduce your drug costs by finding safe generic options.
EquivaMeds finds lower cost generic drugs, even if your brand drug doesn’t have a generic version, and then helps you easily work with your doctor to see if the new generic drug is right for you.

           The best thing since generics.

EquivaMeds is a prescription drug cost-reduction resource.

Developed by physicians to help your physician understand your costs and options.

Not an online pharmacy, discount club, Canadian pharmacy or pharmaceutical site.



Created by physicians, EquivaMeds helps your doctor understand the one thing he or she doesn’t know about your healthcare: the out-of-pocket cost of your prescription drugs. Like generics, equivalent-class medications can save money for millions of people without reducing the quality of your care.

Our members save an average of $893 per year.

Annual membership is only $24.95 and comes with this unique guarantee: If we can’t show you a way to save at least $120, we’ll refund your fee. You can determine your savings in three easy steps and we don’t ask for any information until after you see your estimated savings.

Your doctor will always provide you with the best care at the lowest cost with the right information. EquivaMeds provides the information.

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