Be more efficient and increase your patient's adherence rates with EquivaMeds
EquivaMeds finds lower cost generic drugs, even if your brand drug doesn’t have a generic version, and then helps you easily work with your doctor to see if the new generic drug is right for you.

           The best thing since generics.

“Many patients have had to choose between medications or food or paying utility bills. It’s a difficult position to be in.

As a physician this troubles me. I know the importance of patients taking their medications as prescribed by their doctor, but also because I know there are affordable alternatives out there that are often just as safe and effective.”

Frank Burns, M.D.
Medical Director



EquivaMeds was originally developed as an advocacy tool to provide patients with information they need to start a dialog with their physicians concerning drug costs. While patients are generally well informed about generics, they often have never heard about same-class equivalents.

There are many medical choices for treating a condition—medications that are more established, possibly safer, and more studied than newer options. Since those choices are more cost effective than newer, more heavily advertised medications, patients can experience improved outcomes since when they can afford—and actually fill—scripts to deliver the prescribed therapy.

Health care providers can benefit from such a tool to reduce risks associated with Medicare reimbursements, to increase therapy utilization, and to save time and even lives by increasing the probability that a patient will actually fill a prescription and take it as instructed.

Please explore this website to find out more about EquivaMeds and feel free to
contact us for assistance in putting it to use in your practice.

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